Travel (Hotels, Transportation) For Crew and Passengers

We offer a Specialised Global Sourcing & Tendering service for Crew hotel accommodation & Transport Service requirements across several industries ranging from Airlines, Private jets, Cargo flights, Rail companies and Cruise ships. Ensuring we secure the most competitive and appropriate accommodation for our Clients crews to stay during layovers. We also provide crew and passenger transport services to help our clients transfer their staff and customers from the airport/train station/cruise ship to the hotel and vice versa.

Our goal is to help companies provide the best Value, Safe, Secure and Quality accommodation to their employees and ensure they have a positive layover experience.

With our unique and extensive experience, we can support Clients requirements, providing a bespoke flexible service, which can be modular or a full end to end solution as required.

We have experience in working closely with our Clients in understanding their specifications and requirements. We can engage with various departments within the Clients organisation ranging from Procurement, Operations, H&S dept., Security, Audit, Finance and experience in working within a Unionised Client environment.

Our relationships with accommodation and ground transportation providers allow us to negotiate the best rates and give us access to the best deals in the market. We then pass these savings on to our clients to help them streamline their expenses. Our in-depth knowledge about the factors that affect Airline overheads (which include flight time limitations and government policies) gives us an edge when it comes to finding the lowest cost solutions.

We pride ourselves in offering flexible bespoke services. We manage our client’s regular crew schedules and in addition help them with emergency accommodation and ground transportation needs. No matter what your requirements are, you can rely on us to assist you.

Utilising our extensive Global network and applying our personal experience to provide Clients access to a full range of Hotels & Transport Solutions, including their features, amenities, location, and security. We ensure full transparency and our clients can retain full control and can make the final choice as per their specifications and policies and ensuring that we secure the best Commercial value for our Clients.

We also provide a unique service for Hotels & Transport Companies wishing to bid and secure Crew business. Ranging from approaching Potential Clients, preparing and bidding on Tenders / e-tenders & e-auctions, Hotel Inspections and post management of Crew business.